The Mini System is a simple plug-and-play hardware recreation of the 8-bit Sega Master System (SMS) system using modern components, enabling you to develop and play all your favorite SMS games in glorious RGB color on your television. None of that software emulation rubbish: this is the real (hardware) deal! 😉


The Mini System was designed from scratch to provide a simple, instant-on, close-to-original 8-bit gaming experience. No bells and whistles: it’s focused on playing SMS games, and playing them in high quality. In many ways, it will transport you back to your youth, allowing you to re-experience all those wasted hours of fun 😉

It couldn’t be more simple: the Mini System is a dedicated unit with two joypad inputs (compatible with the original SMS joypads), an SD card slot for games, and a SCART output (with separate channels for the red, green and blue components, meaning high quality video output).

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